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Sign Wizard design software....anybody use it ?


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garbage ... when i was in high school, thats the software they made us use ... when i finally got my hands on something worth the CD it was burned on, what a world of difference.


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Are you talking about the same thing ? Aries Graphics / Sign Wizard ?

It doesn't sound like we're talking about the same software. I doubt Sign Wizard would make it's way into schools. Dunno for sure but skeptical.

Check this link: http://www.signwizard.com/


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yes, same thing, i took a class called materials tech ... we made vinyl signs as part of the class ... sign wizard IMO is garbage, uless something has drastically changed. 2 years ago my local dealer wanted me to buy that software and gave me a demo disk, when i returned it, i told them it was not worth the cd it was burned on, unfortunately for them, they said they hear that a lot.

We used it with a 24in Roland Camm-1 Plotter.


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We use Sign Wizard every day. Have used it for 12 years. Love it in version 4 but don't care for it as much in later versions 5 or 6.


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sign wizard is one of the best CAD programs.
i love the way it will manipulate text with just the nodes.
also one of the fastest node editing. also its trace was STREAMLINE......you must be thinkinf of SIGNMATE...came with ROLANDS....its a cheapo version of FLEXI.....
now one of the few CRAP PROGRAMS OUT THERE...WAS GERBER GA 6.0!!!!


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I have been using version 4.1 for several years and found it to be a great program and easy to use. I have no problems with it at all.

Been told the upgrade is not worth going for, so I have stayed with the version I originally bought


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We use SW (Sign Wizard) version 4 everyday, day in and day out. It is fast and really cranks out the day to day vinyl cutting jobs.

Upgrading to version 6 (skip version 5) will mean learning the entire program over again for the most part. Version 6 is so far advanced that it hardly resembles version 4. I do not care for that.

I use version 5 & 6 but typically only for a special effect or shadow that version 4 doesn't have. Also occasionally the upgraded versions will vectorize an image better than 4 (but not always).

We use version 4 ninety eight percent of the time with only occasionally using the other versions.

I'm not a good one to ask about the upgraded versions of SW since I've not taken the time to learn them and what they will do over and above version 4.

I figure if I'm going to put in the effort to learn a new software program....it maybe should be Photoshop or CorelX3 or something with hands down greater designing power than SW maybe ever will have.


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trying to upload a pic of a job we did with SW version 4.........it's certainly NOT a lame designing program


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Sign Wizard version 4


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these were all done using SW version 4


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like i said...to him buddy...hes probaly thinkin of SIGN-MATE...it sucks........SIGN WIZARD 4.0 also included the NEON WIZARD....no other program i know of has that feature bundled into their program.
versins 5 6 they seperated the NEON WIZARD...and sell it as a seperate program.


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I used Signwizard in a friends' shop when helping out during holidays once. (go back to whatever version was around 10 years ago)

Being a Flexi pro user at the time, I thought that SW felt cheap, I think this was more because it was alot more simple than FP. From memory it was only a basic version, as vinyl was rarely used - traditional shop.

That said though, I found it user friendly, I'd only ever worked on a Mac and it was my first venture into Windows.

I could certainly pump out pretty much the same work though!!


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I have used a very early version of SignWizard and did not like it much compared to Corel or Illustrator. I heard it has come a long way and many of my friends have raved about Neon Wizard, I have used quite a few sign programs and it was not to thrilling to use, it felt cheap at the time. The images you show can be done on Illustrator 88 and Signpost or Corel 2 and any early bridge program...it just depends on how well you know the program and work around it's faults.