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SignArt Nautilis


New Member
Has anyone used or have a signart nautilis? I received some info on one and they claim running cost is alot cheaper than a gerber and even cheaper than a DC3...they claim 5 yr outdoor w/o lamination which I know that for permant graphics they need to be laminated...but that's pretty convincing stats they have for this machine...just was wanting any positives/negatives on it if anyone has any personal experience they would like to share?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I've looked this over a bit and my opinion is this:

1. It's an Asian built machine with one US outlet - signwarehouse.com. As such, you are totally at risk as to continuing support for the system. If it doesn't sell, Sign Warehouse may simply decide to stop selling or supporting it.

2. Thermal resin is near the end of its technology cycle. The main players and the buyers are all moving towards improved inkjets for print and cut requirements.

3. Resale value of the system is almost certain to be much worse percentage wise than the systems of any of the main players.

In short, it may well be a tool that can make you a fair return, but on a comparative basis it carries a lot more risk than other options so it may not be such a bargain in the long run.


New Member
Personally I have only heard negitive comments about this printer. For the money you can get a much better printer (Versacamm)...