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What is the best way to create a hanging mount for a two-sided 2'' signfoam sign to hang from a scroll? The sign is 30''x40''.
There are lots of differant ways that this could be achieved.

I would use a piece of DiBond or Aluminum sheet that is larger on top and maybe even cut my hanger holes from it, them sandwich it between two 1" pieces of signfoam.

Hope this helps.


dennis j

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Two other ways are to have a metal frame built to match the shape of the sign incasing the entire sign. Or if the sign is thick enough inverted T shapes can be routered in the back of each 1" peice of Sign Foam then eyelets with a T on the bottom can be placed in the slots before the to sides are glued together.

Don't trust an eyelet just screwed in to the Sign Foam it will tear out in time.:signs101:


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Or, you can take a threaded rod, drill
one end into the sign, (about 6 inches-drill
it straight!!), take the other
threaded end and put into the holes
in the scroll, and tighten it snug to the


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is the sign made yet?
I would use two peices of 1" and route a groove in the center for threaded rod to fit.then epoxy the two peices together .I then have my welder put and eye bolt onto the rod.then counter sink at the bottom and use a washer and nut at the top.this also allows for you to make fine adjustments when leveling the sign. I drill holes in the bracket and mount eyebolts there.then just hang the sign using lap links or similar hardware.
I think that sign foam makes a product that is for mounting eyelets for hanging signs.


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Thanks for the replies!

We just made one with two pieces of 1'' signfoam and used all-thread rod, this one was going into a post arm so we counter sunk the bolts on top and used painted sleeves to hide the all-thread rod. I just quoted another signfoam sign of the same type and plan on using eyelets on the top and turning the all-thread inside like J bolts before gluing together. I'll post some pics of each later.