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Signlab 5 revisions


New Member
I am still using Signlab 5 for vinyl and engraving. I didn't upgrade because cadlink in their wisdom changed to e6 for vinyl, and profilelab for engraving (2 stand-alone programs)

I found out last week I was running Signlab 5 revision 3, when the last revision of version 5 was revision 12. I have been running the new revision for the last 5 days, and am about to explode due to the many bugs and faults. Most of the faults relate to the engraving and routing module, which most people probably arn't running.

I am wondering if anyone else is still running Signlab 5 Revision 12. If so, could they tell me what the production date is (Help/About Signlab). I want to find out if the dealer has sent me a dodgy version.