Signlab 8 / Roland FJ50/52


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Has anybody had any success printing from Signlab 8.0 to a FJ-50/52 that is converted to Eco-Sol Max ink? If so what print drivers do you have installed?


Nate I am in the market to convert my FJ50. I have the unit and was wondering if you had any gotchas for the conversion I need to look out for. I have colorchoice and have not printed on it yet but will soon as I convert it.


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I have an SP540 right now which has worked great! I have been looking into getting a FJ50/52 that is already converted to Eco-Sol Max as a backup machine for peak times, so I don't have any experience converting them. Sorry. I am just wanting to know if somebody has an FJ-50/52 that is working with Signlab 8 Print-n-Cut. I don't want to buy one and then find out I can't get it to work.


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We have used signlab since 1992 or so and NEVER print from it. It is a cutting based program, IMO they have dropped the ball on being able to print. We design stuff to be printed in Corel, for the most part, and RIP with Versa.