SignLab AI import Eureka momemt

James Burke

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Well, after using SignLab and AI for seven years now, I had a eureka moment in the wee hours of the morning that will be long remembered.

To make a long story short, we use AutoCAD and AI to do the bulk of our node editing and artwork creation for monument work (stencil cutting). Sometimes we run into an occasional problem where multiple "snarled" lines randomly appear in the artwork, or double outlines that stray from the orginal path (or totally missing line segments) sometimes result as it's imported into SignLab.

Sometimes it really gets messy due to some sort of hiccup in the import filter that creates hundreds, if not thousands, of random "start points" along a path causing the plotter head to cycle up and down repeatedly for microscopic line segments that don't appear in the original AI or ACAD artwork.

I've tried importing just about every imaginable combination and format but finally stumbled onto something that really works.

After the artwork is created in Illustrator, I do a Live Paint Bucket fill and then totally eliminate the outline before saving the file.

Upon importing the AI file in SignLab, I group the artwork, eliminate the fill and place a hairline outline around artwork.

The results have been flawless and it eliminates the pop up message that prompts me to use the weld feature or risk double cutting.

From the "get go" I have always criticized the absolutely crappy line resolution SignLab had with imported AI or .dxf files...but guess what? That problem is also gone and now I get the most beautiful, crisp, razor-sharp line resolution...I'm almost stunned.

Perfect imports, crisp lines and no double cutting...sounds to me like a triple crown.

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