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signlab e6


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the software wont recognize my cutter,and or its not listed
is there anyway to add the cutter to signlab e6 setup.
You have to call Cadlink to see what is the name of the proper driver. Not being in front of the machine and seeing the choices will make it difficult for anybody else - unless they have a Lynx - and most that do, won't have SignLab.

Liquid GraphX

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It depends what version of OS (operating system) your running. XP pro w/SP2 will find your cutter as a printer when you plug it into the USB port....make sure you plug it into 1 or 2....SP supports USB2 which has faster data transfer. So if you have XP w/SP2 when you plug in your cutter/printer a dialog box will pop up and ask you to install new hardware....next or yes then pick no install manually then pick I have disk...that is when you put in the driver disk you got with your lynx.

Signlab should see this if not then you can install the cutter/printer from signlab. They have no listing of Lynx in the supported drivers that comes bundled with 6.5 anyway so you will probably have to call Cadlink to find out where to download them.


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Download latest device driver from CADlink web site

blazedhost said:
signlab e6
need help with signlab for use with lynx 24" cutter
any help would be appreciated
  1. Go to CADlink web site http://www.cadlink.com/
  2. From the top menu, go Downloads >> Plotter Drivers
  3. Set Manufacturer = Lynx Controller
  4. Set Output Device = Lynx CNC Controller
  5. Set Version of SignLab
  6. Click Install button
Does that help?

Rod at CADlink