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Signlab to Rasterlink Cut Error

K-Mac Signs

New Member
Hi there,

We are running Signlab 10 and Rasterlink 5.16. We have been able to print & cut just fine up until recently. We can get everything to send from Signlab to Rasterlink and it will print like normal. When it goes to cut, we can get it to find the registration marks, but as soon as rasterlink sends the cut info we get this error message, Cut Data Output Error <{1677779}> - [ command output error ] - (0x08018023), and it will cancel the cut.

I've tried uninstalling/re-installing Rasterlink. I've made sure both programs have all of the current updates. I've deleted and re-installed drivers. We did try using this printer on another computer and it cuts just fine, so it is somewhere in the programs. We tried using a new USB cord, but then the printer wasn't able to connect to even print. Mimaki tech support doesn't seem to have any ideas, and I think CADLINK is a bit stumped on our problem as well.

Any ideas?