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Signlab Tutorials


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OK i'm a flexi User, and i know there can't be that much diference between flexi and signlab.

I'm unemployed at the moment, so i was thinking of taking some time to look over signlab as the majority of sign companies in the UK use it. Then if i get a job where they use signlab i'll have a bit of a clue start off.

So does anyone know of any online sites, or e-books around. A bit tight for cash now so can't afford to be buying anything.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Lorraine, I'm a signlab user. I like the software, but it is quite pricey. I don't know of to many items available for learning other than: www. cadlink.com - Signlabs homepage. I know they have a few things available as far as training and whathaveyou, but I'm not sure of price. I think you have to sign up as a member to access some material. Also you may be able to download a demo copy, but not totally sure about that. Signup is free there.

Also: www.robivers.com - he has 5 hour training videos available for $199.00. I know you said money is tight, so I don't know if this helps. From time to time I see the Rob Ivers tapes for sale used on some sign boards. I've talked with this guy once in the past and know he teaches courses on Signlab, he is quite knowledgeable.



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Thanks George, I have downloaded a demo version, which i'm playing with.

But you know what it's like, unless you have something to actually work on you get a mental block on what to try out.

I guess i need to set myself a design brief, abd get practicing

Bob Gilliland

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Not sure of any sites that offer dedicated SL training or tutorials. Browsing the various boards that you are already aware of may be the best foot forward, low cost option, next to having an actual working demo. There will be some SignLab tutorials coming here to Signs101 in the future, however, probably not as quick and thorough to help you in the short term.

Unfortunately, even if you owned the product, “I” believe the manuals to be less then acceptable for such a product. I’ve stated as much to the powers that be and make no effort to hide my dislike for not only the less then robust manual(s), but also the equally, if not worse, online Help file.

It doesn’t answer your low cost request, but do want to back up George and his recommendation of the SignLab Made Easy CD offered by Rob Ivers. The content contained within can go a long way to reduce the learning curve. The most current CD was for the e6 release. You won’t find much in the way of “Thermal” information on the CD, so some of the features included with e6.1 will need to be discovered on your own (e6.1 contains more then just thermal items by the way). Again, the Help file isn’t much help in learning these new items, especially if you have little to know experience with a ColorCAMM or Edge device.

How about making “samples” of things you can showcase to future clients or employers? Perhaps things you wanted to do in the past but didn’t have the time for. Maybe reproduce layouts or design of signs you have seen online, in magazines, or in other printed pages.


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Hi lorraine

Cad Link do a training CD but I think it has a price its not free. I have a tutorial booklet that comes with the signlab package that you can have with pleasure its quite usefull. If you want it E. mail me your address and I will post it out to you.