Signs 101 ... What's in a name.

Fred Weiss

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Our name, Signs 101, seems to generate some confusion so it seems appropriate to clarify our view of what it is intended to mean. The confusion often takes the form of members and visitors expecting that we are a community that caters to beginners in the profession of sign making.

While it is true that there are many individuals in our community who are new to the field of sign making, and some enter with no particular training or experience, many of them possess training or experience in related fields and seek to expand their capabilities in sign making. Still others, in fact the majority of our membership, are already earning their livings as professional sign makers.

What we all have in common is the interest in expanding our knowledge, capabilities and profitability and helping others who seek to earn their livings as professional sign makers to do the same.

We use a loose analogy here to a school setting. Where the confusion arises is in just what kind of a "school" we are. The answer to that is that this is a college setting. In college, students are expected to study and do research on their own. When they ask questions it is only because they have not been able to find satisfactory answers through their own efforts first.

This statement is not intended to stifle questions when anyone needs help. It is often said that "there are no dumb questions ... only dumb answers." Or not asking a question in the first place. What it is intended to say is that there are expectations on the part of most other members that any member needing help has first tried to find their own answers.

Got a layout or a design in trouble? Upload a picture of what you've done so far and you will receive lots of suggestions, advice and critique. Ask for creative ideas without first offering your own and expect to be ignored.

In summary, Signs 101 is a community of sign making professionals helping each other be better at what they do. It is not a setting intended to sit anyone down and provide an education to you. It is like any institution of higher learning that is designed to benefit those who are motivated to participate, learn from others and to help others in return.
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