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News Signs101 Forum Policy Updates


Support & Tech Administrator
Good day all.

We've been updating/revising/combining the myriad of Signs101 Forum's policies into a comprehensive (and we hope unambiguous) posting policy.

The policies have been moved into the Signs101 Help section. They are as follows:
  1. Signs101 TOS (Terms of Service)
  2. Signs101 Posting Policy
  3. Signs101 Privacy Policy
We believe this update in Signs101 policy will ultimately serve to benefit the community. The Signs101 Moderating Team will work diligently in enforcing the policies as fairly as possible. If you believe we have missed a thread/post which you think violates Signs101 policy - Please use the "Report" button as discussed at https://signs101.com/help/signs101-posting-policy/

Your continued use of Signs101 Forum constitutes your acceptance to abide by our TOS, as well as other site policies. Among other things, our next Xenforo script update will include a prompt which will require members to accept our Privacy Policy as well as or TOS & Posting Policy. This is necessary in order to comply with GDPR.

Thank you.



As an FWIW - Please see Signs101 Policies Outlined [TOS, Posting Policy, Privacy Policy]


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