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Signworks of Algoma says: HELLO

My name is Scott Iwen. First of all, I live in a little town in Wisconsin call Algoma, hence the name Signworks of Algoma. It is located just a little south of the world famous, at least to all the Illinois folks, Door County and about 40 miles east of Green Bay.

I am a full time Industrial Electrician/Millwright by trade at a local printing factory, WS Packaging, Inc. I do signs and stuff on the side for a little extra income and mostly for fun, BY CHOICE. It would be great if the business would pick up enough for this hobby to become full time. That is a big leap though because of health insurance and child support. Speaking of kids, I have 2 boys, ages 6 and 9, and I love them to death. My youngest seems to have an interest in the sign thing. He loves to help weed vinyl! But anyways, the sign business is cool because I can experiment with being artistic, which is out of my realm somewhat. Being an electrican, adhering to guidlines, procedures and codes IS A MUST. No straying outside the lines! But making signs is a little more relaxed. My method is playing with a design untill it works. I have no formal training in design or any art form for that matter, which might be a disadvantage. But I know what I like to look at. If I see a sign that looks nice.....pleasing to the eye....I know it. That is what I strive for, pleasing designs. And sometimes, like I said, it can be difficult because I might be a somewhat black and white person. But that is where the help of this forum comes in. I can post a design on here and have it honestly critequed by my peers with years of experience and use that feedback for my good. I just seriously started viewing this forum just for the last 2 weeks or so and I have learned much! What a great resource!

I guess, from what I can figure, is that I have a more old school style. I love color, bright intense color. I just love the Kustom Kulture stuff. Pinstriping, flames, Rat Fink....all very cool stuff. I see work from the pinstriping gods like Von Dutch and Steve Kafka and such and I just turn green with envy that I cannot achieve such levels of art without the use of a computer and even with that, it is not even close to what they do. But at any rate, that is the kind of stuff that inspires me and fuels my fire.

See you later.


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welcome steve sounds familiar to me & as you & I know the rules state shall be except when.


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WOW, it's like reading my own bio (less one of the kids). I do aircraft work during the day understand the "adhering to guidlines" part. Welcome from Arkansas.
BTW, Go Vikes.


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Hey, If it feels good and looks good, do it! Welcome aboard from North Carolina. Best of luck on your new venture.


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:Welcome: 2 :signs101: scott
from New haven CT

post # 100 at :signs101: ,a very :cool1: place :smile: .:thankyou: :signs101: