Slab Sans Font ID Help Needed

Bobby H

I know I've seen this font somewhere before, but just can't seem to find out what it is. I've tried using Identifont and the 'What the Font?" tools at the My Fonts website, but haven't found a match. Has anyone here seen this one before? The uppercase "V" is pretty unique.

Note, I had to do a little touch up work since one of my coworkers scribbled stuff in the type. This sample came from a fax originally.


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Fred Weiss

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No cigar here. Most letters come back as no match when searched individually ... which is unusual. The only "V" with that feature I found was from Dextor Gothic Solid, but it obviously is not the font.


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Scott Reynolds

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It not a font I can find. Here is most of it as a EPS. Finish the S and you got a EPS anyway.


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