Small Footprint Color Laser printer with straight feed recomendations?

Does anyone have anything like this? I am looking for a Color laser printer with either a straight feed bypass tray or an option for straight feed. I am planning on using self weeding printer paper to make some quickie t-shirt transfers for my Nephews to play around with and am having trouble finding a printer that will work for this.

Seems most small footprint laser printers have a bypass "slot" and not a tray option. Geez... so if anyone has any recommendations on a printer that will work for me pleease point me in the right direction :) thanks everyone!


Okidata 610. The toner that oki uses will outlast any other brands. Both in wash test and color vibrancy. I have tested hp, canon and brother against it at it is the clear winner.

The price on these go up and down alot so be patient when buying. I track mine for a whole month before buying. At first it was $719, then kept coming down every other day then finally one day it was $419 so I bought it. The next day back up to $659.

Bought mine new off ebay but has good prices on them too. If you are only going to do small runs of say 2 or 3 t-shirts at a time then you might want to consider a smaller Oki 330, $299.
thanks for he info :) I will check those out! It's soo hard finding one with a direct feed tray so it prevents the specialty papers from either curling or jamming in the printer.