Small Width App Tape over Large Width Vinyl


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Hi all,

Here is the situation,

racing stripe cut vinyl is 1 meter width
* racing stripes are cut into 3 sections for bonnet, roof, trunk and wing.
app tape size is 650mm width

This means that i need to do 2 times with 650mm app tape on the cut vinyl, so there will be overlapped/joint section in the middle of the cut vinyl.

Customer was told by the so called "Pro Fitter" that when peeling the app tape, the air would causing bubbles during transfer as it is not one whole piece.

Why I put so called in front of Pro Fitter, here is the reason...

Customer also told me that the Avery 800 Black Cast Vinyl is only 2 years outdoor.... :banghead: I've sent the data spec to him and he replied that they claim the Avery 800 series does not last nearly half the time as the prime 3M cut outs that they usually fit.

Here is my questions:-

1. I am just wondering if you guys have any problem during installation if your cut vinyl covered with 2 application tapes instead of one whole piece?

2. The racing stripes has a about 100mm gap between two stripes. Do you separate the racing stripes into two pieces or just like me leave it as it is into one whole piece? The reason I leave it as one whole piece is to ease the installation, it will save time for the installer which he doesn't have to measure the gap between them. They just have to make sure it is centered.

I am having a hard time with this customer and now he send a paypal dispute to me. kindly advice me. :thankyou:


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1.Seams in tape do tend to cause air to get trapped in my experience, if done wet it will usually go away or can be worked out, but i prefer to use one piece of tape if possible;
it seems (no pun intended) to help avoid possible bubbles.
Taping in my crappy opinion is just as important as all the other steps.
2.I leave it as one piece, especially if i am doing a wet install, just personal preference;
it saves time and holds alignment.

not sure if this helps, but good luck and dogspeed!