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Jen Goodwin

New Member
What heat press settings are you using to apply smart blocker transfers from the Edge?
Using either transfer tape or backing sheet on the heat press causes problems...the backing sheet picks up the color out of the transfer and makes it look distressed and the transfer tape sticks to the shirt so bad it makes it hard to get it off and it also picks the color up out of the transfer. Peel hot or cold?
No directions came with the smartblocker regarding heat settings and time? I am on 330 degrees and 15 seconds.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I recall it from an Advantage Sign Supply seminar I attended but don't take my response as gospel.

We definitely used the backing sheet as the buffer between the SmartBlocker and the heat and it was a cold release. But I thought the numbers were more like 375 degrees and 45 seconds.

You can get a solid answer if you call Advantage tech support in Michigan on Monday.


New Member
If you are using transfertape, I recommend using the "clear" type. It releases better without taking some of the resin print with it.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
Thanks, I'll test those settings. I would wait to call Advantage but they needed to get done for tomorrow morning.
The only clear tape I've got is junk - but I have found that R-Tape Conform works really good without taking up any color - whereas 3M takes up color and Perfect Tear takes up color and the glue breaks down from the heat and sticks to both the transfer and the shirt making a nice mess.