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Snowmobile wrap templates


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Looking for Ski-Doo templates XP, XM, XU, Gen4. Is anyone interested in selling me reliable templates?

I'm out on the east coast of Canada not going to compete for business with any of you.


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I use two suppliers, and find the templates to be generally decent (though not always perfect). The very best templates I have I have created using tracing paper, Scotch removable double sided tape, and a pencil.

Old Guy

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I've been using a company out of Calgary called Spirallus Design for many seasons now. Material is top quality; every piece fits and usually without trimming. (spiralludesign.com)


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Templates aren't easy or quick to make, therefore they aint cheap IF they're for sale.
Custom vehicles like golf carts, UTVs, snowmobiles, etc usually require the wrap shop to make their own custom templates.


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I'm sure you've already been on motosportstemplates.com I've had good/bad luck with their stuff. Haven't ever done a sled though. Here's how I do it...


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