Software for Accubend 410


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Hi,I have bender Accubend 410 made 1998 in very good condition. A month ago hard drive from PC that controls bender was broke.I tried to recover it but was impossible.So now I don’t have software for connection with bender.I have working computer under Windows 98 but I need software.I tried to find it from Computerized Cutters but they don’t have it anymore/bender is too old/. Any suggestions and help will be appreciate!Thank you!


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Hello to all, we just acquired a accu bend 26 used, they gave me a usb with software, do someone has one that can guide us to make it work , the computer has no software, need to install everything from scratch, i would appreciate.


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Hi i do have one i can trade for some photos of yurs i need to know which motor are on the beginning of the machine are 2 that pull the coil