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Software for GS750 plotter


New Member
We are finally ready to purchase a new plotter for cutting sandblast stencil.we have decided of the Gerber GS750.We were quoted a price of 7,100.00.We now need software to run the plotter.is has to been compatable with AI CS2.salesman does not seem to know what he is talking about.:help: Any suggestions?Fine cut,Co cut,omega?I have omega 2.02 software currently running my router table,but will it run both on seperate cpu?



Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I have an S750 which was the predecessor of the GS750. It runs fine from Omega. Not sure how well from anything else.

If you're interested in a used one, I have a setup for about a third of what you're talking about. Our setup runs from Omega through a Gerber Sprint console and an LMK card and uses an Gerber A-B switch for both a 15" and the 30" S750. Both plotters do a great job with sandblast rubber when you use a 60 degree blade.

PM or email me if you're interested.


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