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Software Preference


New Member
I am interested to know if any users out there have any comments about CorelDraw 11 V/S Adobe software for vinyl sign making

Thanks in advance.. Mike


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
I'm assuming your on a PC-if you are on a Mac-The Illustrator is the way to go, since Corel is dumping thier Mac version-

To me they are tools, one is no better than the other, if money is tight, I would go Corel, solid program, lots of support in the sign community.

I use Illustrator with CadTools myself, started with Corel, but switched when companies I worked for used it, IMO it's more intuative. Either way-you can't go wrong.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It somewhat depends on your business. Either one is fine for setting up jobs. But if you will be receiving files from designers or ad agencies, they will be predominately Illustrator files and you will have a much easier time with them if you own a current copy of Illustrator.