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Software problem VMP


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Hi, I am a newbie using Vinyl Master Pro and have a problem.
I want to cut say 50 ( 10 #3 12 #1 etc) numbers 150mm high so I type in the numbers and send to the cutter and then use the squash button to use the least amont of vinyl. This moves the numbers around on the vinyl ans instead of cutting ythem methoducally it darts back and forth. The problem comes that the cutter is leaving a cut line between numbers and through numbers. I am actually cutting flock not vinyl but its the same principle


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Plotter Scraping


I have had that problem in the past and it was caused my the plotter accelerating to the next cut before adequately raising the blade on the z-axis. If you are cutting a thick material, I expect that it is a combination of the software and hardware. Can you raise the blade setting so it still cuts but is held higher in the blade holder? I would ask Shaun Morrell what he thinks. It may be that you just need to slow the cutting speed of the cutter down so it can lift to the full height before traveling to the next z-axis down point.

Let me know if problem solved and how.



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I was just going to ask this same question...but I figured I would just add to this post since it is exactly what is happening to me...I am also using VMP...I also just set up my plotter this week. Any one have any other tips to add...so I can get this thing cutting right?

Also I am having problems getting the size of the clip art to come out the same as in the program...for instance i will set it up for a 5x5 sticker and get one that is double in size cut from the plotter.

Any info would be appreciated



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If im correct VMP is like a lil version of Flexi, and thats what i use. When i first started out I had beyond my share of problems and thought i had picked the wrong career change at 30, but i hadnt. What ive seen is that, its all in your settings, see, your software tries to tell the plotter what to do, like pressure, speed, offset, things like that, but some plotters also have these features built in as well, and on mine it was causing a conflict. I got my plotter from the folks at signwarehouse.com, and theyre tech dept walked me through each and every setting to insure it was working fine, and no complaints since. VMP is from them I believe so ou may want to try and give theyre tech guys a call, theyll help ya out im sure, tell em Jay-Are from San Antonio told ya to call. Good luck.

Jay Are

Fred Weiss

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Vinyl Master Pro is not the same as FlexiSign. What you are thinking of is called Vinyl Express from Sign Warehouse which is a private label version of Flexi.

For support on VMP, your best bet is to contact the dealer that sold it to you or go direct to VinylMaster Pro for help.



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Thanks Guys...I also got my plotter from sign warehouse so i will call them. Once I know its not the plotter I will try and get the bugs worked out with the program...I wanted to use the Cutting plug in for illustrator that came with the graphtec but I click on set up and nothing happens...I will ask sign warehouse whats the deal with that too.