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I have a friend who's software dongle has been over-written. He's wanting to know if he can use corel draw for cutting vinyl with his graphtec. He has a dongle for the plotter but no driver disk for the plotter, he bought that used and it came as is, no disk or manual, but it did work great. He does'nt have the money to go buy new software right now due to his computer hard drive crashed as well, but he does have corel draw. He's getting a new computer today and wants get cutting asap. Can he use just corel draw?

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Fred Weiss

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Plotters don't use dongles ... better software applications do.

Dongles don't get overwritten except during upgrades when they are disabled and replaced by newer dongles.

Graphtec supplies cutting software (bridge type for getting from Corel to the plotter) for most of their plotters as well as drivers. Check their website.

No rudeness intended but it sounds like your friend is working outside of normal supply channels and either has some pirated software or bought from someone of a less than honest character.