Solar Power


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Ok so i thought about getting a solar power system for my house.

Found this :

Each of those panels produces 123 Watts. Does that mean .123 kWh for each panel? Figuring 5 hours of Sunlight and 10 of these panels. Thats 1.23 kWh * 5 = 184.5 kilowatts per month.

So assuming I use about 2000 kWh per month that would save me a whopping 10% on my electric bill. And thats with 10 Panels! Not even close to worth it.

Is my Math correct?


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That is an "off grid" system and it costs over $8 per watt(without mounting hardware!). You're right, for that price, it's wayyyyyyyy too expensive.

I've done quite a bit of research and am very close to doing a 10KW grid tied system for our new shop. This requires that you are able to get a net meter with your power company. Without mounting hardware and installing it myself, I'm at $18,500 for the panels, inverters, and combiner boxes ($1.85/watt).

Here's where I'm looking to get our panels:


I have looked into this and plan to wait another 5 years or so. Technology is going to make solar way cheaper and easier for the average person. the guy down the raod from me has a 75' wind turbine, $20,000 and it only does 40% of his monthly power. My electricity bill at home is only $100 a month, so can't see doing that.