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Need Help Solid yellow banding over print


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Does anyone know why yellow ink floods any printing I do? I'd just completed 2 jobs with great results and then the very next day the yellow starts flooding the media as you can see in the attached JPG.

Anyone else had this issue before?

Just completed replacing the cyan/black printhead and all dampers were replaced, too.

Hope someone can help! 20181105_122104.jpg


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DIY Printer Fixing Guide
That issue is caused by an electrical short. Usually the problem is a dirty or damaged head cable. Sometimes the cable is just loose. Normally what I do in these situations is check all of the cables and replace the damaged or dirty ones. While checking them I air dust the terminal, then clean with 90% alcohol and a swab and let dry.Then I re-install all of the cables and make sure all the pins are lined up. If the problem persists after that, either the head is bad or another electrical board is bad. make sure when working on the machine you unplug the power cord and wait 15 minutes before doing anything.