Somebody can convert to vector


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Somebody can help me to vectorize this.Thanks in advance..


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In the past I have posted my rfq's on

Never heard of Vector Doctor, but that service looks really good and reasonable.

Good luck!
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This an easy auto trace, but the image needs adjusting first.
On a MAC I open the image in preview and adjust the color.
by playing with brightness and contrast to get it as close to black and white as the image will allow.
From there you simply import it into Flexi or Illustrator and auto trace.
Then you can clean up and adjust the paths and remove excess points.


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Hey wobt be able to do it fro free but download a software like corel draw... that software can do it... if you don't know how to use it.. checkout YouTube alot of tutorial there aswell.. hope that helps you..


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That pic does look like a good exercise to pick up some basic drawing editing skills in Corel Draw. If you have the time you should give it a go in Corel.
If you are interested I and or the group here can post up some basics to get you going.
New skills will stay with you - paying someone else will get it done once.
I sue ignition drawing for complex things - although for that I would just draw it myself in Flexi. Might take 10-15 minutes if I have people interupting me, less if I can just get it done