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Someone who has experience with Fayon 1325 flatbed laminator?


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Christian @ 2CT Media

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We have the 1735 version. Its decent, but we have made some major and minor adjustments to make ours work better. I hear their newer ones have a lot of our issues solved.

We have changed our LEDs to brighter ones, had to build our own shims to debow and level our glass, we've had to upgrade our bearings as they kept failing, and we we had to change our pressure valves for better operation. We are now building new media bars and a take up reel.

Would I buy it again, yes... would I spend more to get a cwt or kala over this? In a heart beat.


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Thank you for answering!

It's nice to hear there is someone who has had good experiences with them.

I do not expect to get a Rollsroller or a CVT board to this price

And don't mind having to make some adjustments to make it run perfectly


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Ide stay well clear from them, It's the worst decision we made in business to get one from Fayon.
If you want to continually reprint jobs as it cant laminate, If you want to replace bearings all the time. So much downtime you end up paying 2 or 3 times more than a quality machine ie CWT, Rolls Roller etc,

Fayon don't care about supporting their products, Had issues from day 1 and no help

Buy from a decent local seller, that supports their product and in return make you more money and so much less stress

Buy cheap pay twice it's too true