Something for the embroidery guys

What an honor to be able to do that type of work.

I'd go crazy working there, but that Viet chick named Way or something has some mad skills doing that drawing by hand with what looks like a stabilo.


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I remember those days of doing embroidery by hand (not the flags obviously). When I did it though, we also put stitch angle marks on the sketch as well.

Nice little video, thanks for sharing.


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Very cool, made in America!!!! Great video. I had no idea those flags were hand stitched. I used to do a little "crewel" embroidery on my jeans and tops back in the late 70's. It was pretty popular back then.

Nowadays, I have multi-needle embroidery machines and consider that kind of embroidery "cruel"... LOL!! But hey, it is wicked!!!!