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Just In Something handy...

I had a little free time and decided to work up a nice 9" x 12" decal that can go on a clipboard cover, or a sheet of polystyrene that can be tucked away on your clipboard, or just kept in various locations around the shop. This might be handy for site surveys or when speaking with new customers in or out of the shop. I'm gonna print up a few of these on Monday to keep around the shop. Feel free to use it, if you'd like. I've attached the pdf file.


  • Clipboard cover.pdf
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Quit buggin' me
Think I will put one on the inside of the bathroom doors and ban cell phones in there.

Johnny Best

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When I was young I worked with a guy painting a billboard and he told me not to take so long on doing a nice job on the copy, he said "it will look good at going by at 80mph".
You know he was right, from your chart it says 0.5 seconds at 80mph for a 6" letter.
You have a lot of good information on there. Thanks.