SP 300 Main Board


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Hello all I am new to signs 101 and the sign business as well. recently I just purcharsed a new main board for my versacamm SP 300. Now I am trying to flash the firmware on it. Right now it comes up with a "ROM Error" I have gone into service mode and tried to flash the firmware from the Roland site, however it's not recognizing that it's there "the mainboard" So I am looking for the actual peck.exe tool and a file firmware to flash so I can update the recent firmware on this mainboard. If someone could help me out that would be great!


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Be sure to put the battery in the new board. Did you save the parameters from your last board? You need to install the parameters to the new board. Install the new firmware. Initialize the printer. Peck does not have an "exe" tool, you need the old style of firmware updater to use with the Peck tool (with the .rfw ending), the new style assumes you have a working printer.