Need Help sp 300 v pinch roller assembly

Leeya Lorea

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i recently got a roland sp300v just changed most of the parts. im having trouble finding a left pinch roller assembly. i was told the left and right are different and was told not to use a central one as a replacement for left or right


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The outside rollers are tapered towards the center. There is a designated left and a designated right. The middle rollers are not tapered. Call Claudette or Joey at GTS (770) 974-9114, they sell genuine Roland parts. I just replaced mine last winter and got the parts from them.


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The pinch roller assembly for the outside pinch rollers have stronger springs then the center assembly which can cause the tension to be off. However, the left and right are the same, it's only the wheels that installed differently. Those are the same as well, but they are install different directions. Make sure the dot is out.