sp 300i


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Thinking quite seriously about purchasing a new SP 300i. Has anyone purchased this printer yet? I was talking to a sales guy, he said it's has 2 heads from the VP and it's 50% faster than the old V model.

I have been subbing my outdoor prints for the past 3 years. This year to date I have spent over $5000.00 on prints so I think it may be time to purchase. The main reason why am considering a Roland instead of the others, is because, the dealer is only 2.5 hours away and my main concern is customer service after the purchase. I don't need a 54" model as I very seldom do 4' wide prints and when needed, I can sub them out. Sorry, I think I am getting a little off topic... just looking for some justification.lol


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We use an SP300 in the shop here and I absolutely love it. We got it used so there is no dealer support - but that hasn't really mattered since in the three years that we have owned it it hasn't had more than a day of down time (the one day we DID have to change the pump which seems to be a fairly common issue - both cheap and easy to correct). Since getting the machine it runs nearly constantly printing both outdoor graphics, inexspensive full color banners, prints on cling, translucent, and gold foils. It truly is the best piece of equipment in our shop. Now that I've finished my Roland commercial, let it be known that I will be pushing my old FJ500 into traffic. Video forthcoming. :)
Get the VP series. I had a SP-300 and it was a great machine, but the VP is a way better printer. Plus with double the print heads the faster speed is nice too. I would also recommend doing whatever you can to get the 54" too. You won't regret it.


we have sp300 and vp540 like them both
easy to use and very minimal problems
both do a great job but the vp540 is way faster than the sp300