Sp-540v Pink streaks


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I've been having this issue for a while and I've tried a few solutions, the usual environmental match/head cleaning, changing profiles, trying different software, updating firmware and packages, pretty much everything short of hardware fixes or serious settings tweaks. What's happening is that I get these pinkish streaks in anything that requires cyan. Greens, flesh tones, solid blues of all shades and hues.


I've gotten one suggestion on tweaking the print heat, because supposedly the cyan dries quicker, but that obviously doesn't work. Anyone have any suggestions?
What media - does it do this on all media types or just vinyl? What printer settings? Have you checked the damper & cap tops? What does your test print look like? Definite starvation - I'd check/replace damper and caps...also check that the caps are centered on the heads - this can be adjusted, call your local tech.


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all media, I use oracal 3551RA, LG Bannux, and some roland materials, all with the same results. Print tests come out fine. Which printer settings do you want to know?

I've not checked any of the things you asked about, not messed with the hardware at all, don't know much about it, would have to experiment but I don't "own" the machine lol, I'm just the guy that uses it.
Try using Glossy Calendared Vinyl, Standard Quality, and in color management use Pre-press US (usually the default - but checking). Your heaters should be about 106 and 120 - but this varies from area to area, so use your best judgment.
You should check the cap tops and dampers, make sure they are in good condition, the dampers should have from half full to nearly full. The cap tops have a seal (next to the felt color area) that should be straight up (not bent over).
You're doing good, just hang in there...it's something simple...just have to deduct the things that are working right from the bad to solve the issue. I think you'll find the caps and/or dampers are bad (about $125 for all the parts).


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I have had the same trouble since I bought my SP-540V brand new about a year or so ago. For me it doesn't matter what type or material or profile. IT is hit and miss. I printed five 3.5' x 3.5' prints a few weeks ago and some had it some didn't and those that did have it they were not even in the same place.

I have been pulling my hair out here trying to figure this issue out as well. I don't remember if it has also happened in the red and yellow but I do know that it has happened in the blue and black.

We clean the encoder strip and some times it works and some times it doesn't....what are most people using to clean their encoder strips. My Tech told me when he set up the machine that I should use straight iso alcohol but I read somewhere to use a mix of that with distilled water.


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Not sure how to check these things, here are a a couple pictures, the dampers seemed fine, from what I could tell from the limited view I could get of the cyan it looked full, but then I don't know, could just be stained.



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Looks like some minor banding cause by drop out or failure of the head to fire. The head could be dirty and needs cleaning. I had a bad banding issue and ended up doing a carriage wire tension adjustment.