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sp 540v will not turn on and is making a humming noise.


New Member
Hello all,

I recently replaced a damper on our sp 540v.
I had it powered down and everything but when i went to turn it on it did its usual start up process.
During said process it powered down and started making a humming noise.
The humming noise seems to be coming from the board that the buttons are on.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I would take the panel apart and see if there are any loose cables or burn marks. If the cable is burnt just replace it and see if that helps. If it is just loose you might be able to get away with just resetting it. If not, the board itself might just be dead. Humming noises are usually a sign of a short or failing component on the board itself.


New Member
Thanks for the advise.
I retraced my steps and turns out i must have bumped a head cable a little loose it was not in all the way.
The problem is solved as of now.

Much appreciated