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SP300V emptied ink cartridge everywhere

Hi Guys,

I need some help iv got a SP300v Iv had for years, they'v been brilliant but a few months ago I come back to work and it had emptied 2 of the ink cartridges all over the floor by where the waste bottle is.
if its related the two ink cartridges were really hard to remove.
I spoke to Roland and they advised me to replace the pump, and check that waste tube isn't too long going into the bottle.
So I done this and everything seemed fine, Anyway Monday morning the same thing happened again only this time all 4 Ink Cartridges completely drained with the Waste bottle overflowing again.

So basically i'm looking for any ideas before I call a tech out??? I don't think its the siphoning effect as im 80% sure the waste bottle was almost empty but i cant be certain.

any help would be amazing.


New Member
A few things could be happening.......

1. you got ink built up around the head and the build up is causing the captop to be slightly crooked and making contact with the head, and thus causing a wicking....aka ink is flowing out of the head into the captop and slowly draining into the drain bottle....remedy remove build up

2. the sponge in the captop has swollen to the point it's making contact with the printhead surface and again causing wicking.........remedy new captops

3. the capping station itself needs to be lower, use the pipette tool and lower the cap station slightly....if you lower too much you will see ink starvation, aka nozzle drop out.

Just my .02