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SP300V lost USB connection


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I'm waiting on a return call from tech support but my SP300V is not communicating with my PC anymore. I've tried a new USB2 cable, turnning off, resetting to factory defaults etc. Still the PC does not see the printer. The USB port is working properly and I've even tried other ports onthe PC. I even tried to hook the Versacamm to my Mac and the Mac didn't even see anything was connected.

The printer functions from the menu and even prints all test patterns and system status just fine. It just seems the USB port has gone south.

Anyone have any advice on resetting the SP300V to try and get the USB working again?

I think it might be hosed at 4 1/2 months old.:help:

I'll post after I hear from tech support - I just thought I'd try here too. Thanks in advance.


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The main board of my SP-300V is toast so it's being replaced under warranty. The tech brought a laptop in and got the same result as me - "printer not connected". Now my problem is, I'm without a printer for 5 1/2 days. The printer went down on Thursday, they looked at it on Friday, ordered the board overnight which means it'll arrive Monday and the tech is out of town 'til Tuesday. Time to fire up the 15 year old Roalnd Camm-1.:thumb:

Not the kind of break I was looking for but I guess I'll take it since it means I won't be working this weekend like the last three. :Sleeping:

I'll be sure and post my outcome just for information sake.


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I got my main logic/motherboard in my 5 month old SP-300V replaced. Even the tech at Roland said it was a total fluke and they hadn't seen anyting like it before.

Everything is up and printing again so no worries. Roland stands behind their stuff and the tech spent a couple of hours here making sure everything was configured as before etc.:thumb:

The only problem I had was that all the ink level read outs had re-set so all the inks showed full. Three of the four colors have since run out so that was a temporary problem.


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Good to hear that you are back up and running again. Your incident underlines one of, if not THE most important consideration when selecting a system. Sounds as though your dealer was on the ball :)