SP300V New print head help


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ok so i just had my magenta/yellow head replaced, new cap tops, as well as all 4 dampers. now any color with red or yellow is coming out super light, but blacks and blues are not effected. also kinda grainy on the new print head colors. nozzel test is fine as well. using Flexisign. cleaned encoder strip the main strip above that forgot name is also new.


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Pictures? Nozzle Test? Help us help you...

sorry that would help the head was installed yesterday and the nozzel test is horrible


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Joe House

I wouldn't expect light red/yellow/orange with that nozzle test pattern, but would expect some pretty good banding in those colors.
Are you using OEM inks? Some are good, some are terrible. Also, old inks can separate and cause problems.
Is the printer in a controlled environment? Roland specs call for Temperature: 68 to 90°F (20 to 32°C), Humidity: 35 to 80%RH (no condensation). Operating outside this envelope can cause problems and this is a possiblity, but I don't think it's likely.
Did you use Roland cap tops or off brand ones? Off brand cap tops are notorious and a waste of money.
A new head should have a pattern like your cyan does. If you had a legit technician come and replace the print head and you're using Roland parts and ink (or at least what your tech provided) then have him get back there to make this right. He/she really shouldn't have left with it in that condition.


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yes i have emailed the tech and will wait to hear back from them in the morning. temp is controlled not sure of humidity. using bulk ink but no issues with ink ever, head went out and had a third party service company come and change the parts out as the nearest roland service company was a hour away but wanted to charge me 5 hours travel time for some reason.