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Question SP300V - Service Mode Test Print - What Does It Mean?


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I'm getting strange results from the service mode test print (see attached). Cyan seems fine in the standard test print, but when printed in service mode it has a wavy column with light coverage in the middle of each pass. Has anyone ever seen something like this? Cyan is showing signs of ink starvation and overspray. Low quality printing through VersaWorks produces much better results than printing in standard or high quality and the printer stops multiple times during small jobs to refill dampers. I replaced the cap top after I noticed the issue, but no change. OEM ink used throughout the life of the printer. Only at about 1billion shots on each.

Please help, I've been losing my mind on this thing.


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Well I would say it's probably getting close to time for a black head replacement.

For the cyan, it almost looks like static in the cyan test print, based on the "wave" effect in your test pattern. Can you make sure that the print head is properly grounded? There should be a little metal piece at the back that attaches to the mounting bracket of the head. I've seen it come loose before.