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SP300V Service Mode?


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I'm just guessing, but....

I'm just guessing, but maybe:

Turn on the MAIN POWER SW.
Then turn on the SUB POWER SW while pressing the
LEFT, RIGHT, and DOWN keys to enter the

No guarantees...just a hunch.


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No, I'm not speaking of the manual cleaning mode.
The service mode was used by the tech when the machine was first setup. They used it to check head and cutting alignment and made adjustments that cannot be made in any of the normal menus.



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Is your machine still under the Roland Warranty? The service mode is more than southpaw mentioned... but close.

If you unit is still under warranty, call your tech and have them get into service mode and make the proper adjustments if necessary. If it is out of Roland warranty, contact your tech and ask them to assist you in getting into service mode...

If I were called, as a Roland Service Tech, with this question I would be asking why do you need to be in service mode. If you are having a problem, the service tech should be your first call.

When in service mode, a service manual is an absolute necessity as well... One wrong change in service mode, such as a system switch or head rank can possibly damage the printer.


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Thanks for the warning, but I knew this.

What I find amazing is the way some people question a persons question without providing the information they have.
While others freely provide whatever infomation they may have.


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As a Roland Dealer and Service Tech, I would not give out the service mode procedure unless the unit was OUT of warratny and the enduser understood first the consequences (and that I knew they knew, which you did not post). I would not like to service a machine that the end user had access to Service Mode 'while the machine is under warranty'.

You want the procedure, contact your dealer or Roland. If the unit is out of warranty and you take on all responsibility, PM me and I will give it to you but I would never post the procedure on a public forum.

I would not 'Freely' provide knowledge that would get me slapped by the manufacturer.

Do you have a service manual?

----- Why is it so amazing that someone respond to your request with a few more questions before providing information that may take work away from another dealer or run the risk of the enduser messing something up and getting me in a bind at the same time.

Have you contacted your dealer? Why haven't they given the procedure to you?

Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut.


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What is even more amazing is people post here looking for answers, obviously because they don't know the answer(and by all means I am not an expert). Then when someone offers a solution, be it wrong or right (as we all know in this business there are several ways of doing something right) or asks a question to make sure they are on the same track.
Why does it matter how you get the answer as long as you get it?


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If you worry about saying something that will get you in a bind, then don't say anything.
I asked a question and some people tried to answer it. Thank you to them.
You didn't try to answer it, you tried to tell me why I should have the answer.

And as to contacting my tech: they are the reason I need to get into the service mode - to unfix what they fixed.


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I misread a bit and should have stated that 'bellarolli' was close but not accurate. My bad.

Getting the answer you need is important but I believe getting it from the dealer he purchased the machine from should be his first channel. If they do not give it to him, maybe there is a reason, or not ..??... Not for me to say.

All I wanted to know before giving it to him privately was if the he had first tried the appropriate channels and if the unit was under warranty or not. May have even asked for the serial number and firmware version... cause it does matter and I may have more information that would help.

Signs101.com and other sites, such as FlexiEzine.com (which I give out FREE knowledge all the time), are lifelines that provide a valuable service while the dealer/enduser channel should be strongest.


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Good luck in your search. My bad for offering to give it to you via PM, while I still have not been PM'd.

If you are not happy with the service call performed, call them back or call Roland and complain.

Electrical adjustments can be made in regular user mode for print and cut alignments. Service mode offers a more refined adjustments, yes, but most are mechanical in nature.