SP540-V Print Issue - Yellow is printing Orange


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A few months back I had an issue where my printer would not print blue. It just stopped. I printed one job just fine, no color issues at all. An hour later I tried to print something else and the blue was gone completely. I cleaned it every which way, tried a new ink cartridge, called Roland Support - no luck.

I contacted four 'authorized dealers' provided by Roland. One hadn't sold Rolands in 3 years, two (one from whom I purchased the printer) never called back, and the fourth couldn't come for 10 days. The tech showed up, 6 hours late, without a clue as to why he was even there (so he didn't have too many parts with him, and he had just traveled 2.5 hours). He messed around with the machine for about an hour and then said it was working - he said: "not sure what was wrong with it"...."but it is now working" and he left. I was far too busy at the time to throw a fit, and decided to just be happy that it was working. If I stated what I paid for that call (had to pay travel of course also), no one would believe me, so I am going to just let it go.......................

Now my yellow is not printing. Well, it is printing, but 100% Yellow is printing orange. Since the yellow is printing orange - and not missing altogether, I must assume that some yellow is coming through?

Has anyone had this issue? Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Had the same problem with my sp 300v and I did a medium cleaning and a large print with yellow turned up all the way and set to max density. The nozzles flushed and problem was solved, however, even if this works, I agree about needing new caps.


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Inspect the cap top for swelling of the sponge, if it's swollen over the black edges...replace it.

If the cap top looks ok, I would pull your yellow cart. Make sure it has ink, the tab can fail and the printer thinks it has ink, but it doesn't. The machince will start pulling Magenta into the yellow side, thus when you want yellow to print your getting orange.

My .02