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SP540V Cyan problems


New Member
We got a new SP540V about a month ago. Ever since, we've been having problems printing cyan, whether a gradient or a 100% C fill- we get long & thin areas where the color density drops out regardless of what media or profile used. We just sold our SP300, which has the same ink system & had zero problems during the entire 2 yrs of ownership. Roland techs are blaming everything you could imagine except the printer itself (I'm suspicious.) Anyone had this problem? If so, any resolution?


New Member
I havent' had that exact problem, but it sounds like it could be a blocked damper on the Cyan head. Do you test prints come out okay with all nozzles firing? Have you tried a solid block of Cyan to see what happens (i.e. 6" or so by 52")? Does it happen in the same place across the head travel? If so, could be your encoder strip is dirty.