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Speed Press film problem


New Member
I just got a used speed press and tried it today. I got all three films, low medium, and high tack. I pulled the old stuff off the frame and put new high tack on and it did not seem to be very "sticky". Tried it with a couple of sizes of letters and it would not pull anything less than 2 inches tall off the release liner. Used the roller to press it down with varrying amounts of pressure. Tried the windex on it and it seem to make it worse. Any suggestions? Is this stuff sensitive to the cold, its about 65 in the shop?

Ron Helliar

New Member
Use a 3" putty knife to apply the pressure to the backing. You'll get the hang of it after ripping up some vinyl & film a couple of times, the roller rubber is too hard to apply the vinyl to the film. The roller is mostly used for final application to the stock although we use felt squeegees more often. If you cut too deep with your plotter, you'll also have trouble getting the vinyl to release from the backing. High tack for the intermediate films and the windex is for cleaning when dirty (we use rapid tac & let dry).


New Member
In my experience, you can use a hard squeege just the same as a putty knife. Whatever lets you apply the most pressure to get it to stick. Using the windex works, just let if dry completely before using it or nothing will stick. I have yet to use the low tack, just won't hold anything. Fellers (Ameriban) has a substitute for the orig. tape. Haven't tried it, but it might be worth a try.