Splash graphics on Trailer, suggestions?


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My Dad came to me with this project. He flies powered parachutes and just bought this trailer to haul it around with. he wants some graphics for it. No real direction with this one, just wants it to be fun and not stand out too much (no bright colors). Has to have the lame clipart graphic of the PPC. I wanted to get a hold of someone on here who does cartooning and come up with something better than this one, but he doesnt want to pay for that. I dont do too many of these and usually it involves some sort of logo or at least more direction than this. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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I don't have an enclosed trailer for mine, so if he want's to stand out enclosed is the way to go. BTW, mine's possibly for sale.

Cartoons... try username Thwizzit


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The mountain clipart (on the sides) looks out of place. Its really small, and looks like you stuck it there....just because!!??

I like that the back because that parachute guy is ABOVE the mountains. On the sides, it looks like he's in for a crash landing.

All in all, I like the "windy" stripes.