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Spot color fade?


New Member
I am currently using FlexiPro 7.5v3.

I am trying to make a vector image fade from blue to white and back to blue.

Assume I am working with a rectangle that is 1 inch tall x 5 inches wide. At the far left of the rectangle I want 100% blue, fade to 0% at the middle, then back to 100% blue at the far right. I have tried everything I can to make the fade center in the rectangle but the outcome continues to be: 100% blue from the far left all the way to the middle, then fades to 0% and back all within the right half of the rectangle. I have slid the tabs all over in the fade option in Flexi but I cant figure it out.

Another question regarding fade, I can only make my vector images fade from left to right and not top to bottom. I want to design some lettering with a fade from the top of the letter to the bottom, but I cant figure that out either. I have tried the rotate option in the fade menu, but it wont move off of 0.000

Very aggravating,

One more question, I was reading on www.givemehelp.com (a flexi help site) and Mark Rugen (maker of Flexi training 1 & 2 CDs) said that he was making a FlexiPro with Gerber Edge user training CD. Does anyone know if he ever did?

Thanks all, Jim jetsignworks.com

Fred Weiss

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To add colors drag from the palette into the slider and adjust position from there.

I found changing the angle worked okay in all but one time. I then used the Gradient Edit tool to change it instead of the numeric entry and it responded as expected.

You should be able to play with the Gradient Edit Tool and quickly master it.


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Fred, thank you for the response. My small fade line looked just like yours, but my rectangle did not. It would remain as I described no matter where I put the little sliders. I even used the rainbow option on my pallet and changed all the little sliders to suit what I was trying to do, but no success.

I wont be back to my design computer until Monday morning. I would really like to talk to someone on the phone while at my computer. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jim


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  • Thank you Fred, that is very generous of you. I will try to call you Monday mid morning. It shouldnt take but a minute or two of your time.
One more question, does anyone know if I am entitled to the latest download of version 5 updates from Flexi ? ...... I currently have Flexi 7.5v3

Fred...:U Rock:

dennis j

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Jim I was just reading your post did you want to use a spot color for this? If you do be sure you select spot color button right under the gradient type on the left hand side of the advanced settings tab. In Fred's example the RGB button is selected.

Flexi 7.6 is due out this week I think. :smile:


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A thanks and a followup question!!!

OK, it finally worked. With a little help from Fred Weiss, and also a video clip that I received from Bobby Fosson at www.flexiezine.com. Thank you guys for your generosity.

Now I see the output of a fade on my Gerber Edge, The fade is created in increments that does not look very appealing. Am I to accept this as satisfactory, or do I recall this is being addressed in the most recent upgrade of Flexi?