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Spot Colors with Edge and Flexi?

Vital Designs

Vital Designs
Does anyone know how to print spot colors on an Edge from Flexi 7.6. Is there a specific color table required. There does not seem to be any specification in production manger and the flexi knowledge base has nothing.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Click on View > Color > Open Table > Library > Gerber Scientific Products > Foil Gerber Spot Series.slb

This will open a palette with those spot colors. There are also separate foil palettes for other series of foils. Next see page 256 of the Help Files for the section titled Printing with Spot Colors. Pay particular attention to the mapping instructions.

I have Flexi 7.6.2 and an Edge but use Omega for my Edge production, so that's about all the help I can give you.