St. Louis Cardinals


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Help please, anyone know where to find the logo, written one line version, (not the bird), and/or the SLC.



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I have a question. Especially since this isn't an are I dabble in since most of
this has transpired after my kids were too old to play.

How is it that TONS of Little League teams have the same name and use the
same stylized typefaces for their uniforms and such as the Majors?

I am sure there is some sort of agreement in place. If that is the case then sign
and screen print shops shouldn't have to worry about using those 'logos' for
the local LL teams...correct?


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I don't blame them for being protective. You can go to Logotypes 101 and download a vector and delete the cardinal,keeping the words, don't you think that's unfair?
Not that I would do that.


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if i am not mistaken MLB controls a lot of those rights... on cape cod we have one of the best summer baseball leagues in the country. a lot of these college kids have gone on to the majors.. the league as a whole pays MLB a fee for the rights to use the team name and logo... it is funny in some ways for MLB may contribute thousands of dollars to the league, then turn around and ask for fees to allow the teams to use MLB logos...
try MLB web site for some team logos you might be able to work with......