Stoneguard vinyl


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Im about to wrap hood with Oracal 270 stoneguard. And i would like to know, how do you finish the edges? Do you cut it at the edge, or do you band it under the hood?

Im affraid, that if i cut on edge, it may came off in a while...


and how do you combine 2 pieces if hood is too wide?

ORAFOL Americas

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ORAGUARD 270 is intended for flat or slightly curved surfaces. The thickness(6mil) and the films’ characteristics will not successfully conform and hold around the edges of body panels. Ideally paint protection films are pre-cut from custom patterns specific to your vehicle that will stop at or before the edges of a panel. Paint protection film is not intended to be overlapped and traditionally for esthetic reasons is not done in multiple pieces per body panel. ORAGUARD 270 is available in widths up to 50" and ORAGUARD 280 is available in 60" rolls, which is wide enough for nearly any hood.