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Anyone else make anything off the storms in Northern IL, Southern WI.

One guy had his Cabinet ripped off the side of his building. Cabinet had been up for 20+ years. We spent 1/2 the day removing it, to make room for a new 4' x 10' Cabinet.

Had the plastic fall out of a giant 6' x 8' sign about 8ft up. Must have been Polycarb because the plastic was fine. Had to replace all the bulbs.

Had one banner get ripped up.

And sold 5 tree care yard signs, 1 set of mags and 1 set of business cards to 3 of the 4 tree guys that walked in today.

Not a bad day, not a bad day at all.

Anyone else have any success?

Craig Sjoquist

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Here in Orlando it happens all the time a good wind comes ... so many sign companies & installers have no idea what it takes to do things right.

Watched a installer at breakfast cabinet fell on his head twice 2 different day's

See plenty signs blow out not even a year old

I love it one reason I get work