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Streaking or Something Like It


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I have had a case of streaking ~ not the fun kind from a night of drinking and bets ~ but a printing kind. A few weeks ago I had some cross contamination going on with my yellow/magenta... since it was still under warranty and I have heard of some pump problems and such I had them come and replace pumps/caps/etc. Cross Contamination problems are gone.. but the day before I had them come out, I started getting large areas/streaks where the color would be faded or not as solid. The repair guy said my heat was too high and turned it down and this would solve all problems (even though I never had the problem before) Today I ran another solid and it is doing the same thing. It did it 4 times then the 5th print looked ok. I have included a picture that I hope shows the problem. They are more visable in person vs. photo. I included a test print image only because it dropped one line of yellow and didn't know if this meant anything... the next test didn't drop the line.

Thanks for the help.


Machine : Versacam 540v
Files tried with same result: .eps and .pdf
Program used: Corel x3



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Looks like the repair guy could be right.
Can you see if the media is buckling up where this problem is occurring?
If so the likely cause is too much heat.
When media creases up like that you will get a light streak where its too close to the heads. If if gets worse the heads can even scrape the vinyl.


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I've turned the heater down already.. so thats not it.. It isn't banding.. those pictures were stuck to coro so it was just the surface behind the decal. I adjusted the bi-directional because it was a little off and printed it twice more and it did not do it again so I don't know if that was it or if it will come back.