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We're looking at sublimation equipment. We'd like your input on a nice heat press, mug press and printer. Also, any distributors you'd recommend.


RJ California

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I've got an Epson 4000 11x17 set up with bulk IQ sublimation inks and a mug press. I've had it less that one year and I've found that we don't have the time to devote to it. I'm going to keep my heat press.

The printer and mug press were used very little.

If you'd like to research that machine you can PM or email me for more specifics. I got it through Joto Paper.


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There are some on this board that do sublimation, and I'm sure you can get some info here however there is a fairly active board devoted to dyesub that has tons of info already posted


I am glad to answer any questions you have after you research a bit, I've been doing ink jet sublimation for about 3.5 years now.


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Dye sub

It all depends on how serious you are and what market you want to be in. We have been doing dye sub for about 10 years now. We use a wide format roland sj740 converted to dye sub and print everything from ties, scarves, sports apparrel, through to carpets and interior banners.

We have two monti antonio flatbeds and are about to get a rotary press. It all depends on what you want to do and the size you want to get to. Remember dye sub is just like the rest of the guys here who print, hard work and long hours.

Start small and see if you enjoy it. If you do then go bigger. As far as mugs go we only fire ours through a kiln. Getting good quality mugs at a standard size is not easy. Broke too many so went the other route.

Good luck.


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We added Dye Sub to our shop about 3 years ago.
It was pretty painless as learning curve goes since we already do other printing so was a natural progression.
We run Airtinium inks through a Epson 1280 as I wanted the 6 color printer and didn't want to drop 2k at the time for the 4000.
Then added the C88 at christmas as we had a huge mug order and the printer broke after about 1000 sheets of tru-pix.
The 1280 system is a good entry level system but if you have the money I would go with one of the larger printers. We are currently looking at the Epson 9600 wide format 44 inch.

We purchased the Geo Knight Combo Press which is a nice swing press but a pain in the rear if you have tiles and mugs at the same time as you have to switch stuff out. If you really want many mugs get a dedicated mug press. (which we will do this summer)

Our main specialty for our dye sub is tile murals. (I might dump doing everything else except murals and mugs as my wife likes doing them.)
If you want to focus on Tiles and the such I would recommend that you get a good swing press as it is much easier to swing the top out of the way to line up the tiles. We can press up to 12x18 at a time but still takes awhile as our average mural size 4'x8'..
Looking at some larger presses but they get up there in price.
A good company to get enetry level Equipment is.
Great guy to talk to about Dye sub.


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Dysub is a great resource, we too while interested in doing more of it find it is hard to devote the time to promote it much. We use it for small color signs, name badges, and a few short run T shirts for existing clients. Purchased a used mug press that we do special mugs for customer appreciation awards. You can tie up a lot of $$ in inventrory if you are not carefull, so I would advise you to research your market to target what areas you want to go after.
Good luck,


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I added dye sub to my business six years ago and it's been worthwhile, it sometimes picks up the slack when sign sales are slow.
I print a lot of dashplaques and awards plaques for car clubs, the price of sub t-shirts makes them a hard sell, I only have a couple of customers who keep re-ordering those. I've done a few small framed tile murals but don't feel comfortable selling larger ones, the coated tiles scratch easily and fading can be an issue. I use mug wraps but haven't had much luck selling mugs, I have sold a few sets of glass beer steins to wedding parties. I do some small interior signs but I have had some in building where the lights were on 24/7 and had some fading issues after a couple of years.



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i've got the complete setup.mug press,printer,tee shirt press, lots of mugs and misc. supplies. 1 year old and we never got into it. will sell.