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Discussion Success with MultiCam Digital Express?


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Does any one here have suggestions for using a Digital Express for consistent graphic finishing? Let me explain.

I have had this machine since 2015. It's robust and will do individual routing tasks pretty good. It has allowed us to in house routing projects we could not quickly do prior to this, including acrylic, aluminum, HDU, etc.

I purchased the 140k + machine with the conveyor due to the fact that the majority of my business is graphic production. We use ONYX and on jobs smaller than the table ( less than 10' ) it will process the XML data and cut ( not without careful attention) . On jobs in which it needs to advance the material and re- register the sheet from the marks, all bets are off. Most of the time the MultiCam job console doesn't read the file correctly and it will not execute the job. Reg-marks go missing, errors of all sorts, etc.

The local technician is helpful and always responds to repairs and so forth. MultiCam Inc on the other hand has indicated they are aware of the issues , but after 4 years still has not made any progress in the digital finishing arena. ONYX has indicated very little development has been done with the DE and their product , so it feels like I am on my own.

I have spoke to several other shops who have experienced this with the DE and simply cut their losses and moved on. Perhaps others have figured it out. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I don't want this sound like a rant, but my advise is: Pay close attention to the user interface if your considering a digital finisher. The mistake is costly as some have acknowledged. The fast slew speed of these machines means absolutely nothing if you have to monkey with the software and controller for 5- 10 minutes between panels and possibly scrap as well.